Himalayan Pups:Efficient, ferocious and excellent watchdogs.

Here is a dog of exceptional qualities. The Gaddi mastiff: agile,swift and ferocious  

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She is 9 years old in this picture .


Description:  The Gaddi  Mastiff is an efficient, ferocious powerful watch dog with  a sturdy bone structure. As a sheepdog and guard dog, it is ferocious in its ability to tackle even wolves and leopards.  Marco  Polo  described it  as "tall   as   a donkey with a voice as powerful as that of a lion."


Temperament: The Gaddi Mastiff is very protective and territorial. Dignified and very loyal to its own family. It is by and large loving with children but distrusts and is  reserved  with strangers. Brave and fearless patient and highly intelligent it was bred to take initiative. Through hundreds of years as a guard dog, the breed has developed a tendency to bark at sounds during the night and like most herding breeds, they are intelligent and learn quickly.

Height, Weight:  Their average body weight is around 50 Kg but can go upto 80 to 90 Kg. Height is around 30 inches.

Food: They are basically Grainivorous, i.e. they live on wheat flour, maize, rice-husk and barley ‘rotis’. Do well without meat and eggs.

Life Expectancy: Their life expectancy is Nine years to Fourteen years.

Group:   Mastiff

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